On Farm Testing (OFT) :

An On-farm trial of KVK aims to test a new technology or variety or an idea in farmers field, under farmers conditions and management by using farmers own practice as control. It helps to develop innovations consistent with farmers circumstances, compatible with the actual farming system and corresponding to farmers goals and preferences. Since establishment of the KVK several technologies have been assessed and necessary refinements have been performed.

Sr. No. Crop/Enterprise Title of OFT Area (ha) No. of beneficiaries Source of technology

Frontline Demonstration (FLD):

Technologies suited to the micro-farming situation and proved by assessment and refinements through OFTs are considered as FLDs. Every year the KVK conducts the FLD programmes regularly.

Sr. No. Crop/Enterprise Title of FLD Variety Area (ha) No. of beneficiaries Source of technology

Training :

The major focus of training by the is to impart practical work experience inculcating the principle of “Learning by doing and teaching by doing”. The clientele includes the practicing farmers, farmwomen, unemployed village youths, village extension functionaries and development agents from the district. Each year the KVK conducts on an average of 120 training programs benefitting 6000-7000 farmers of the district.

Other Extension Activities :

The KVK participants and organizes Field day, Exhibitions, Kisan Mela, Farmers Field School, Farm Advisory Services, Soil and Water testing awareness camps, Ex-trainees meet, Animal health camps etc.

Focus of the KVK :

The KVK provides services in the areas of Crop production, Horticulture, Animal Science (Livestock and Poultry), Plant Protection and Women in Agriculture. The other services of KVK are towards soil and water testing, supply of critical inputs for entrepreneurship, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of State and Central sponsored programmes.
The KVK works with an approved action plan from the Zonal Project Directorate, Zone VIII, Pune of ICAR to perform its mandatory activities. The KVK also conducts Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) meeting every year for approval of the programmes and other activities involving different stakeholders of the district. In generic emphasizing the needs of Dhule district the KVK focuses on
  • Crop diversification
  • Varietal Replacement
  • Integrated Nutrient Management
  • Integrated Pest and Disease Management
  • Breed improvement
  • Poultry production
  • Feed and Fodder Management
  • Integrated Fish Farming
  • Value addition and Processing
  • Women empowerment and
  • Natural Resource Management